Higher energy efficiency class – lesser heating costs

Buildings according to energy efficiency are divided into nine classes: A ++ , A +, A, B , C, D , E, F and G. A class requirement for heat energy are the lowest. B and C classes are characterized as low power consumption and meets the requirements of the existing norms. D, E , F and G class has the greatest consumption of energy.


The tightness of the building – protection against dust, moisture and extreme temperatures

Properly tight building do not let from the outside to the inside dust, moisture, cold in winter and hot in summer. If the house is not tight enough, due to the strong air infiltration it looses a huge amount of energy. The study establishes specific locations of the building, that are not tight enough, usually it is poor installation quality of windows and door.


Higher sound class – the neighbours will not interfere in your conversations

The appropriate research of the building sound class lets owners to see the acoustic properties of the building and the comfort of living conditions of the building premises. Building sound evaluation is mandatory for all newly constructed, reconstructed and renovated buildings. Noise quality is expressed in five ( A, B , C, D and E) audio classes.


For house construction – construction technical supervisor

When construction starts often people forget the necessary requirements and later pay heavy fines. One of these obligations – to hire a construction manager and technical construction supervisor. Technical supervisor is the client’s representative and without him maintenance faults are usually inevitable.


It is reading of physical bodies radiant temperature from a distance. It allows to identify the building’s, equipment’s and other elements of industrial thermal insulation condition, building defects and technical condition of equipment.

If the house is not tight enough, due to the strong air infiltration it looses a huge amount of energy.

Mold fungi – these are microscopic plants – parasites. Mold releases toxic substances hazardous to health to the environment and they are agents of various mycoses. Molds are being destroyed using the ozone generator.

Diagnostics of specialized boilers, thermal testing, material moisture measurements, determination of the characteristics of the windows, destruction of odors, diagnostics of environmental parameters, measurements and testing of ventilation system.

Energy saving advisory will help significantly reduce heating costs in the private house, apartment, commercial or industrial building.

Certification of energy performance  – legislation regulated process, which establishes a building’s energy consumption, building is assigned energy performance class and issued energy performance certificate. Building energy certification can be carried out only by a specialist who possesses a valid energy performance certification qualification certificate.

Representing many-flat houses and other landlords in development, implementation and administration of the renovation projects.

Technical supervision of construction – the building construction management ( from the start of construction until the building is recognized as right to use ) organized by the builder, which aims to control whether the building is being built in accordance with the design, construction contract, laws and normative building safety and use documents.

Examination of the structure – technical evaluation of existing or under construction building to determine whether the building meets the essential requirements.

Construction price calculation and justification. Creating financial documents fort he individual house or other construction.

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